The Company

We are a manpower supply company with database of Oil & Gas professionals with office headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia servicing clients with global project O & G requirements. Delivering quality service to our candidates and to our clients, we remain a Company that deliver professional and personalized service.

We care about furnishing the best possible people to meet our client's needs and we care about those people as individuals.


Gulf Link's management philosophy is based upon the principles that make up the foundation stones on which our business is built. Continuous involvement by Gulf Link's management ensures that these principles are adhered to. Furthermore continuous self-critique of all our activities provide us with the information that require developing and improving so that our methods and system continue to progress to meet the demands of our candidates and clients.

"Making it Happen" by means of proactive management is the hallmark of Gulf Link's essence of business growth and management. While we are proud of our achievements to date, we are never too proud to realize that there is always the capacity to improve on the level of service we can offer. We view each new project and assignment as an opportunity to do so.